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文本预览:PAGE PAGE 2英语月考试卷4第 页 共 NUMPAGES 3 页学校 班级 考场 姓名__________________________ ???????????????学校 班级 考场 姓名__________________________ ???????????????装???????????????订?????????????线???????????????教师寄语:请同学们拿到试卷后,不必紧张,用半分钟整理一下思路,要相信我能行。Ⅰ、词汇(15分)根据首字母或汉语提示,补全所缺单词 (5分)W________ is the fourth day of the week .She likes to make _________ (朋友) .In autumn many dead _______(树叶)go everywhere on the ground .These foreign friends are ________ (德国人).Yang Liwei went into the space ____________ (成功地) 用所给词的正确形式填空(5分)6. Beijing is the second ___________ (big) city in China.K7. In ________ (west) countries, bread is like rice in China.8. Which is ______________ (expensive), gold or silver ?9. Kong Zi was the a great ___________ (education) in China .10. His grandfather’s __________ (die) made him very sad.C. 选出与划线部分意思相同或相近的选项(5分) (  )11. Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night ?     A. have a good sleep B. have a good time C. do a good job D. like yourself (  )12. The doctor told my father to give up smoking.     A. begin B. start C. stop D. keep (  )13. I have never seen such an interesting film before . A. so interesting film B. so interesting film C. so an interesting film D. such interesting a film (  )14. Is he wearing his new coat today ? A.putting on B. have on C. in D. dressing (  )15. Lin Tao is taller than any other student in his class . A. the tallest B. as tall as any other student C. the shortest D. less tall than any other studentⅡ、语法与情景会话 (25分) ( )1.Merry Christmas ! _______.A. Thank you B. That’s all right C. The same to you D. And you ( )2.Hi, Liu Ying,I’m going to Qingdao with my friends . _____.A. Thank you B. Great! Enjoy yourself C. Congratulations. D. Well done( )3.May I watch TV now, Mum ? _______. You must finish your homework first .A. Of course B. That’s OK C. You’d better not D. Sure( )4.- What was the date yesterday ? ________ .A. It was Friday B. It was the fifth day C. It was April the fifth D. It is April the fifth( )5. I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. ________.A. The same to you B. What a pity C. It doesn’t matter D. That’s right( )6.There is _____ “s” and ______ “u” in the word “bus”. A. a,a B. an,a C. an,an D. a,an( )7. _______ desk is the cleanest in the classroom.A. Ann’s and Tom’s B. Ann and Tom’s C. Ann’s and Tom D. Ann and Tom( )8 . In spring, the weather is getting __________ .A. more and more warm B. more wa rm and more warmC.warmer and warmer D. much warm( )9. Is John your math teacher ? No,he teaches _____ English .A. our B. us C. we D. ourselves( )10.Does Mr Brown have any children ?Yes, he has _______ son .A. an 8 – years – old B. a 8 – year – oldC. an 8 – year – old D. 8 years old ( )11.The little girl was made _________ out of the door . A. stand B. stood C. to stand D. stands( )12.Neither he nor I _______ exercise every day .A. am B. do C. does D. are ( )13. Aunt Li often asks her son ________ too much meat. It’s bad for his health.A. don’t eat B. not to eat C. not eat D. to not eat ( )14.The old man lives ________, but he never feels _______.A. alone, lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone D. lonely, lonely( )15.________ fine weather it is today!A. How B. How a C. What D. What a ( )16.There _______ a football match in our school next week .A. will have B. will be C. will is D. is going to have ( )17.Be quick, _______ we’ll be late for school . A. and B. but C. so D. or( )18.I don’t know if it _____tomorrow. If it _____,we’ll make a snow man.A. will snow, will snow B. snow, snowC. snows, will snow D. will snow, snows( )19.The boy is ________ to go to school . A. enough old B. old enough C. enough young D. young enough( )20.John’s never forgotten that day, __________ ?A. is he B. isn’t he C. has he D. hasn’t he( )21. Where is your uncle ? He _______ to Beijing .A. went B. will go C. has gone D. has been( )22.There is ________ in today’s newspaper .A. nothing new B. anything new C. new anything D. new something( )23. ______ are Olympic Games held ? Every four yearsA. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How many times( )24. The teacher with his students _____working in the field now .A. is B. are C. have D. was( )25.We saw him _____ into the building and go upstairs .A. go B. going C. goes D. to goⅢ、动词考查 (10分)用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空(5分)Don’t make any noise. The baby ____________ (sleep)The old building ______________ (build) in 1890 by farmers .The blackboard needs __________ (clean).It ___________ (say) that he has invented many new things .I ____________ ( not finish ) reading the magazine yet .选择正确的短语填空(5分)on the edge of, are proud of , try it on, fell off, is famous asThat sweater looks very nice. Can I __________ ?Don’t put the thermos ______________ the table, It’s dangerous .Cheng Long _________________ an actor .Li Ming won the 100-metre race. We ___________________ him .The plate ____________________ her hands . It’s broken .Ⅳ、句型转换 (每空一词,共10分)1. The boy in blue coat is Tom’s brother . ( 一般疑问句 ) ________ _______ is Tom’s brother ?2. Both the nurses and the doctor are kind to the patient .( 否定句 )______ the nurses ________ the doctor ______kind to the patient .3. Mr King bought his car two weeks ago . ( 同意句 ) Mr King _______ ________ his car for two weeks .4. English is spoken in Canada . (主动句) People __________ ___________ in Canada .5.Little Tom is so short that he can’t reach the apple on the table. ( 简单句 ) Little Tom is _________ short _______ reach the apple on the table .Ⅴ、补全对话 (每空一份,共5分)A:Hello. May I 1________ to Alice, please ?B: 2____ .A: Hi, Alice. 3______ is Fred. Would you like to go to my uncle’s farm tomorrow ?B: Thanks, I’d like 4______ . I haven’t 5_____ there 6_______ a long time. ________ the way, 7______ the weather like tomorrow ?A: The radio says it will be fine tomorrow .B: Great! 8________ and 9________ shall we meet ?A: Let’s 10________ at the No.27 bus stop at 6:30. See you tomorrow !B: See you .Ⅵ、完型填空 (10分)Travel is useful to us in at least three ways .First, by travelling we can enjoy the beautiful scebery of different 1 . We can see 2 ___ our own eyes many places which can read about in books, and visit some famous cities and scienic spots.Second, we will 3 people with different interests and see strange and different things when we travel. We can get ideas of the conditions and customs of 4 people , taste different foods and local flovors if we like. __ 5 __this way, we can understand 6__ differently other people live.Third, travel will not only help us to __ 7 knowledge of geography and history and other knowledge, 8 will also help us keep healthy and make us 9 narrow-minded.With all these advantages of travel, it is no wonder __ 10 __ travel has now become more and more popular than ever in China. ( )1. A. towns B. place C. village D. places( )2. A. in B. with C. by D. on( )3. A. listen B. watch C. meet D. notice ( )4. A. other B. the others C.another D. others( )5. A. At B. On C. By D. In( )6. A. what B. how C. whether D. when( )7. A. gain B. give C. see D. bring ( )8. A. or B. so C. and D. but( )9. A. wide B. less C. widely D. least ( )10. A.these B. that C. those D. thisⅦ、阅读理解(20分)。 A In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece. Since then many countries have successfully held the Olympics, such as England, France , Germany , Canada, Spain and When people hold the Olympic Games, they always make an emblem(会徽). The emblem of the Athens Olympic Games last year was a white circle of olive branches in the sky. Last year Athens developed a spirit of peace. An officer said, “While in Athens, the world should be at peace. We hope peace is not just for a short time. We would like the message from the Athens Games to help the countries come together and solve their problems.” There years later, the Olympic Games will be held in China. And China has already made a seal( 印 ) as the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The emblem has a single Chinese character on a red seal and means “Chinese seal – dancing Beijing”. Below it, there are the words “Beijing 2008”. The character in the emblem is “Jing”. It means “capital” of China and it is also like a runner or a dancer .The running figure of the emblem shows the spirit of the Olympics—( )1. Which country held the first Olympic Games? A. Greece B. China C. England D. France( )2. When did Athens hold the Olympics again? A. In1996 B. In 2000 C. In 2004 D. After 100 years.( )3. What was the emblem of the last Olympics?A. The writer doesn’t tell usB. It was a white circle of olive branches in the skyC. It was a single character on a red real .D. It didn’t have any emblem. ( )4. What was the spirit of the last Olympics? A. Peace B. Fast C. High D. Strong( )5. The character in the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games means______. A. a runner B. a dancer C. a running figure D. the capital of China B阅读下面的短文,给改写后的短文空白处填入一个适当的词,使其完整通顺。 While reading a book in English, you will meet a word that you don’t know. You need to look up some of them in a dictionary. A dictionary is like a road map. It can help you if you get lost and point you in the right direction. A good dictionary can help you do more than just find the meaning of a word. It can help you check spelling, word forms and grammar usage. You can also find example sentences and learn pronunciation. Some dictionaries even provide exercises to teach you how to use the words. Take time to get to know your dictionary. Learn the pronunciation symbols. Understand what the abbreviations(缩写字)mean. Become familiar with the grammar that explain the usage for each word. You’ll get to know what a good friend your dictionary can be.根据短文内容填空。We often 1__________ a dictionary to help us read books in English. A dictionary is very 2___________. It can help us in many 3________. It not only helps us find the meaning of a word, 4___________5___________helps us check the spelling and word forms Very often, it 6_________example sentence 7___________ us to learn and follow. A dictionary will help us 8_________if we know it well. So we should be 9_________with the symbols and abbreviations. We should make 10____________with our dictionary.Ⅷ、书面表达根据英文提示,写出一篇意思连贯、符合逻辑的英文短文。( 题目已给出 )要求:用第一人称,词数80字左右。a poor village, last month, found, not have enough books and school things, told my classmates, found some books and some school things, sent them to the children, all happy Hand – in – Hand Friends _________________________________________________________________________
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